The solution for your business

G.A. is able to manage a whole project (mainly in the Oil & Gas and Automotive industries), providing all the engineering
technical documentation (drawings, lists, P&I, etc.), preparing the technical specifications for the supply, qualifying suppliers
if requested, performing all activities after orders placement, such as expediting and inspection (second and third parts)
until the completion of the supply.

  • 1.Marketing thought by G.A.

    G.A. Marketing activitiy is based on the notion of promoting the demand and supply of produts/services offered, even trought the detection and the valutation of the customer’s request.

  • 2.Evaluation of RFP

    Our Technical/Commercial Area will carry out, on their own field, a feasibility studies, in order to understand if the customer’s request request may be performed as specified.

  • 3.Preliminary analysis and feasibility study

    If the request will need a more specific analysis, our team will provide to define the timing of the planning, of the purchasing and for the service provision.

  • 4.Supply management and modifications,

    On the basis of the documents available, Our Commercial Area makes the offer, where reports: Description of products/Services, Economic offer, conditions of supply.

  • 5.Confirmation of order and design

    After the acceptance of the order by the customer , our resources selected will begin processing inherent to the job in question , with professionalism and using any means for the realization

  • 6.Communication with the customer

    The management ensures an effective system of information between customer and the GA staff in direct contact with them , by which modify and improve the process of design , implementation and control of the product / service