G.A. was founded in 2007 by incorporating the professional experience of highly skilled technical personnel, in particular with the total acquisition of the know-how of Arbait company, in business since 1990, maintaining and improving the company’s core business, with a world-wide scale intervention .

G.A. MISSION It is able to manage an entire project (mainly in the Oil & Gas and Automotive sectors), uttering all the technical documentation engineering (drawings, lists, P & I, etc.), drawing up the technical delivery specifications, qualifying suppliers, performing all activities after the issuance of the orders, as expediting and inspections (second and third parts), until completion of the supply.

G.A. Buyers can also offer a service compared to vendor-list provided by the customer, or by a search and subsequent qualification of suitable suppliers, issue the related purchase orders, perform any technical alignments and bargain the prices by saving on the target budget of supply itself.

Finally it handles all the design documentation and verify all certification relating to products, including the tests performed in accordance with quality control plans, realizing the “Manufacturing report date final.”

G.A. is an ISO 9001 2008 (LRC 6016635 / QMS / U / E) and ISO 14001 2004 (LRC 6016635 / EMS / U / E) by Lloyd’s Register and is structured in order to meet all the needs of customers , trying to offer a complete service, from engineering, to the issue of the technical documentation required by contract requirements and / or international regulations.


Marco Mazzinghi

General manager

Adriana Salazar


Matteo Falco

Technical director

Massimo Fanucchi

Commercial manager

Francesco Mencaroni

Engineering manager

Alberto Bresci