• Basic and detail engineering
• Engineering for oil, chemical, petro-chemical and power generation
• Development Skid for Gas turbines, Steam turbines and Centrifugal compressors.
• Piping on the machine and layout of facilities (development of assembly drawings, structures, piping, supports, isometrics).
• Liquid and gas transport systems, storage systems
• Infrastructure and industrial plants
• Global vision of design, drawings and calculation of mechanical systems and their integration with other systems.
Design of every mechanical parts of casing, trucks and motor carriers, rides, service vehicles, etc. in the rail and tram sector.
• Study and installation design of electrical, electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic systems on locomotives,
carriages, tram and metro service vehicles.
• Design and calculation of the mechanical part related to the installation of security systems on board rolling stock.
• Static analysis and harmonic forms of compressors intended for OIL & GAS Industry
• Non-linear analysis of flanges for OIL & GAS Industry.
• Structural, static and fatigue analysis of any system or mechanical structure
• Static analysis of cases for turbines, compressors, pumps, etc.
• Non-linear analysis of tanks intended for OIL & GAS Industry
• Skid design and machines development, for GT, ST and CE/CO.
• Electrical Interconnections
• Electric Outline
• Paths walkways/cable routes
• Plans Tools and lay-out cabin
• Material lists and specifications
• Instrument specifications and data sheet
• Calculation and sizing CV/PSV/FE
• Intrinsic Safety Loop
• Field Bus Architecture
• Diagrams Automation
• Engineering cabinets
• Electrical BT design and verification L.46/90